Study Plans, Reports and Monitoring Plans

As part of the relicensing process, SCE&G and the stakeholders will identify studies that are needed to resolve resource-related issues associated with operation of the Project. As Study Plans and Reports are developed, they are posted below for public inspection.

Adaptive Management Plans and Monitoring Plans:

Final Freshwater Mussel Monitoring Plan

American Eel Abundance Monitoring Plan

Monticello Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Enhancement Plan

Erosion Monitoring Plan

Turbine Venting Plan

Minimum Flows Downstream of Parr Shoals Dam: Adaptive Management Plan

Flow Fluctuations Downstream of Parr Shoals Dam: Adaptive Management Plan

Enhancements to the West Channel Downstream of Parr Shoals Dam: Adaptive Management Plan

Study Reports:


Parr Shoals Dam Turbine Venting Report

2017 Turbine Venting Memo #2

2016 Turbine Venting Memo #1

Parr-Fairfield Operations Modeling System - Addendum 2

Parr-Fairfield Operation Modeling System

Parr/Monticello Reservoir Fluctuation Report


Lake and Land Management and Recreation:

Recreation Use and Needs Study Report

Downstream Navigational/Recreational Flow Assessments

Downstream Recreational Flow Focus Group Meeting Summary, December 11, 2014


Fish, Wildlife and Water Quality:

Final Fairfield Hydroacoustic Survey

Revised Fairfield Entrainment Mortality Analysis

Desktop Fish Entrainment Report

Monticello Reservoir Habitat Enhancements Report

Final Revised Parr Hydro Project American Eel Abundance Report

Monticello Reservoir Mussel Survey Report

Monticello Reservoir Mussel Genetics Study Final Report

Genetic Analysis of Villosa sp. Specimens from Monticello Reservoir

Broad River Spiny Crayfish Report

Inflow Dataset Methodology Memo

Mesohabitat Assessment Memorandum

Final Instream Flow Study Report

Robust Redhorse Spawning Memorandum

Baseline Fisheries Resources Report

Baseline Macroinvertebrate and Mussel Report

Final Monticello-Parr Waterfowl Report

Parr & Monticello Waterfowl Report: 2015-2016

Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Report

Revised Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Desktop Assessment

West Channel Water Quality Second Year Study Report

Water Quality in Downstream West Channel Report

Water Quality Report Addendum

Baseline Water Quality Report


Final Study Plans:

Reservoir Fluctuation Study Plan

Instream Flow Study Plan

Hydraulic & Project Operations Model Study Plan

American Eel Abundance Study Plan

Parr Downstream Recreation Flow Assessment Study Plan

Water Quality in West Area Study Plan

Recreation Use and Needs Study Plan

Spiny Crayfish Study Plan

Navigational Flow Assessment Study Plan

Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Study Plan

Rare Threatened and Endangered Species Study Plan

Monticello Mussel Study Plan

Waterfowl Study Plan

Fish Entrainment and Mortality Study Plan


Shoreline Management Plan Outlines:

Parr Shoreline Management Plan Outline

Monticello Shoreline Management Plan Outline


Other Study Plans:

Mesohabitat Study Plan Memo