Project Details

The Parr Hydroelectric Project consists of the Parr Hydro Development and the Fairfield Pumped Storage Facility Development. They are licensed under the FERC Project No. 1894 – SC. These Developments are located along the Broad River in Fairfield and Newberry Counties, South Carolina, approximately 31 river miles downstream of Neal Shoals and 24 river miles upstream of Columbia Diversion Dam.


Parr Development

  14.9 MW of licensed capacity
  37-ft-high, 2000-ft-long concrete gravity spillway dam
  10 bottom-hinged crest gates
  Reservoir: Parr Reservoir
  Parr Reservoir is 4,400 surface acres and 13 miles long
  Parr normally operates to continuously pass Broad River flow

Fairfield Development

  511.2 MW of licensed capacity
  Four earthen dams (A, B, C, and D)
  Dam B: main dam across Frees Creek
  Upper reservoir: Monticello Reservoir
  Lower reservoir: Parr Reservoir
  Monticello Reservoir is 6,800 surface acres
  Primarily used for peaking operations, reserve generation, and off peak power usage