Milestone Documents

There are several major requirements that SCE&G must satisfy throughout the relicensing process. These include submittal of a Pre-Application Document and Notice of Intent to Relicense, as well as Draft and Final License Applications. As these requirements are met, the associated documents will be placed on this page. In addition to the documents required by FERC during the Project relicensing, this page includes links to the Comprehensive Relicensing Settlement Agreement (CRSA) developed in consultation with stakeholders.

Final License Application

Cover Letter
Initial Statement
Exhibit A - Project Description
Exhibit B - Statement of Project Operation and Resource Utilization
Exhibit C - Construction History

Exhibit D - Statement of Costs and Financing (Privileged, Non-Public Information)
Exhibit E - Environmental Report
- Exhibit E-1a - Summary of Consultation Part 1
- Exhibit E-1b - Summary of Consultation Part 2
- Exhibit E-1c - Summary of Consultation Part 3

- Exhibit E-1d - Summary of Consultation Part 4
- Exhibit E-1e - Summary of Consultation Part 5
- Exhibit E-1f - Summary of Consultation Part 6
- Exhibit E-1g - Summary of Consultation Part 7

- Exhibit E-2 - Operations Appendix
- Exhibit E-3 - Soils and Geology Appendix
- Exhibit E-4 - Water Resources Appendix
- Exhibit E-5 - Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Appendix
- Exhibit E-6 - Terrestrial Resources Appendix

- Exhibit E-7 - Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Appendix
- Exhibit E-8 - Recreation Appendix

- Exhibit E-9 - Cultural Resources Appendix (Privileged, Non-Public)
- Exhibit E-10 - Land Use and Aesthetics Appendix
Exhibit F - Project Design Information (Critical Energy Infrastructure Information, Non-Public)
Exhibit G - Map of the Project
Exhibit H - Additional Information

Final Parr CRSA and Supporting Documents

Final CRSA Package - Part I

Final CRSA Package - Part II

Final Shoreline Management Plan and Permitting Handbook

Final Shoreline Management Plan - Monticello

Final Shoreline Management Plan - Parr

Final Permitting Handbook

Recreation Management Plan

Final Recreation Management Plan

Draft License Application

DLA Cover Letter
Draft License Application
Exhibit E Appendix A-Part 1
Exhibit E Appendix A-Part 2
Exhibit E Appendix A-Part 3
Exhibit E Appendix A-Part 4
Exhibit E Appendix A-Part 5
Exhibit E Appendix B
Exhibit E Appendix D

Pre-Application Document

Cover Letter
Notice of Intent

Pre-Application Document