Fish, Wildlife and Water Quality RCG

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Water Quality, Fish and Wildlife Resource Conservation Group is to develop recommendations relative to public trust resources (i.e. water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife, etc) for inclusion in a Protection, Mitigation and Enhancement Agreement (PM&E Agreement). The purpose of the PM&E Agreement is to provide resource management recommendations for inclusion within the Parr Fairfield Hydroelectric Project license application."

TWC Information

Technical Working Committees (TWCs) are sub-groups of the main Resource Conservation Group (RCG), formed as needed to address very specific issues, develop potential study scopes and plans, and provide sound, experience-based biological, engineering and/or scientific input. The TWC will then provide any recommendations back to the RCG for review and comment. To date, four TWCs have been formed under the Fish, Wildlife and Water Quality TWC. These include the Water Quality TWC, the Rare Threatened and Endangered Species (RT&E) TWC, Instream Flow TWC, and Fisheries TWC. Links to each respective TWC page are included below.

Water Quality TWC


Instream Flow TWC

Fisheries TWC

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